WordPress 2.1 Released

I just found out today that WordPress 2.1 was released two days ago. I made the upgrade this evening. There are some really impressive new features contained in the 2.1 release, including:

  • the “tabbed editor”, which allows switching between WSIWYG & Code View
  • the ability to set a PAGE as the front page of your blog, which will make WordPress even easier to use as a CMS for normal websites
  • the increase in speed of the administration portion of WordPress 2.1 – there’s a noticeable difference
  • the new auto-saving function

Visit WordPress for a full list of WordPress 2.1 upgrades.

The upgrade took only a few minutes after I backed up the database. It was great.

Have a look. I think you’ll like it.

Jesus Camp on DVD January 31st

Jesus Camp looks like a documentary worth watching. I saw an interview with the directors of Jesus Camp (the movie), Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, on the Gill Deacon show today. (I was flicking through the channels while eating lunch, give me a break.)

Both women were bright and engaging so I expect the film will be very well done. I won’t sum up their interview, but instead will direct you to the movie’s website. Watch the video trailers that are available – it’s quite chilling…
Jesus Camp Website Preview

All the details you ever wanted to know about the movie and controversy are available at Wikipedia.

Following is a portion of the Directors’ Statement on JesusCampTheMovie.com:

During the 2004 Presidential election John Edwards’ “Two Americas” speech seemed like a rather unoriginal way to describe the growing divide in this country. But now, after having spent almost a year shuttling back and forth between the religious heartland of Missouri, and home in New York City, the “two Americas” concept has taken on an entirely new meaning.

Clearly there are two parallel Americas: and one is a conservative counterculture comprised of tens of millions of Evangelical Christians who feel engaged in a culture war with what they perceive as immorality and godless liberalism. They consume their own news and popular culture via Christian television, radio, and publications, and carefully expose their children both to a literal interpretation of the bible and a call to political activism.

*Amazon says the DVD release date is January 23rd, but I’m sure they said the 31st on Gill Deacon today.

Let me know what you thought of the movie if you’ve seen it. If you haven’t seen it, do you think you will?

What are you doing for Hockey Day in Canada?

Watch the Canucks play the Leafs on Hockey Day in Canada at GM Place for only $5.

Canucks vs. Leafs on Hockey Day in Canada

UPDATE: John Bollwitt snapped a bunch of pics of Hockey Day in Canada at GM Place

Get a group together and you can watch the Canucks play the Leafs at GM place on Hockey Day in Canada for only $5. Tickets are $12 if you buy them individually.

Saturday, Jan 13, 2007 is Hockey Day in Canada. The Vancouver Canucks are going to be playing against the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto and the game will be broadcast in HD by CBC.

To celebrate Hockey Day in Canada the Canucks and UBC are showing the game on the big screen at GM Place followed by a UBC hockey game at GM Place.

GM Place HDTV Big Screen

UBC is hoping to break the collegiate attendance record in their game against the Regina Cougars.

From the Vancouver Canucks website:

Come down and watch the Canucks vs. Leafs game on the new Orca Bay Scoreboard before the UBC game! Be a part of Hockey Day in Canada as we attempt to set the record for the most fans to see a University Hockey game in Canada! Doors open at 3:00pm.

From a UBC Athletics email:

Directly after the conclusion of the Canucks game, YOUR UBC THUNDERBIRDS men’s hockey team is hosting the Regina Cougars.

Help us make CANADIAN HOCKEY HISTORY as the UBC Thunderbirds and Vancouver Canucks will attempt to set a Canadian Interuniversity Sport attendance record.

Get your friends, team, family or school together and join us for a spot in Canadian Hockey History! Groups of 10 or more are only $5 per person. Tickets only $7 for UBC Students and $12 for general public. Family packages are available.

604.280.4400 // canucks.com/UBC

Celebrate Hockey Day in Canada. Get a group together and head down to GM Place to watch “your Vancouver Canucks” beat down the Leafs on the best HD system in the NHL.

My Shiny New Flickr Badge

Jeremy Latham's Flickr Badge: Pictures

So I finally got around to incorporating my Flickr account into my blog. You can see it over there, on the right side of your screen. I’ve considered adding the Flickr badge a few times in the past but I didn’t really like to standard options offered by Flickr.

Today I did a quick Google search for Flickr Badges and found Veerle’s Blog listed in the top 5. Veerle’s blog has a great tutorial on making your standard Flickr badge W3C compliant.

My blog template is quite different than Veerle’s blog, so I had to make some changes to her html and css to make it work for me. But if you know html/css it’s very straightforward. It looks like the only thing that isn’t validating on the blog now are my embedded Youtube files. Other than that, she’s good to go.

So a big thank you to Veerle for the tutorial and all the other interesting stuff on her blog.

That’ll Knock Your Tent Down!

BC Place Roof Collapses

I received an email from a friend at 1:30pm today (thanks Scott) that the roof on BC Place had collapsed. This is not something I’d ever imagined would happen. I was amazed to read that the roof was only supported by air and the fabric is two layers that are less than 1cm thick each.

For full coverage of the event visit:

Blogs reporting the event include: