Daily Links for 2006-01-27

Building a Smarter To-Do List

This is a great page of tips about building a smarter to-do list. It’s definitely worth a look from anyone who regularly has to multi-task or accomplish a number of things in a day

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Patching your personal suck | 43 Folders

Get to know your strengths and weakenesses – and capitalize on them. Patching your personal suck is a good article.

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The Baby Nanny

Any new moms out there? This looks like it would be $20 well-spent for any new moms who may be on the worrying side of life. I think it’s a neat product for any new parents.

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Daily Links for 2006-01-20

Philosophy: 5 Tips for Organizing Your CSS
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Ensight – Jeremy Wright’s Personal Blog
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Technosailor » 5 Ways to Leverage Advance Posting
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Welcome to Campbell River Community Network
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Small business strategies – Web Design
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Removes adware and other nasties. It’s a good thing to run once in a while.
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Google Pack
There’s some good software included in the Google Pack – Have a look.
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Another great tool for getting rid of spyware and other nasties.
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Interesting Links for 2006-01-19

cssMenus › css › Learn › solarDreamStudios
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adaptive path » the business value of web standards
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CSS tips & tricks
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W3C QA – How to achieve Web standards and quality on your Web site?
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smallTransport – Design Links
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CSS Vault » The Web’s CSS Site
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Blogging Pro News, plugins and themes for blogging applications
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Three simple actions that doubled my website traffic in 30 days: Blog Tips at ProBlogger
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Adsense Tips for Bloggers 2 – Is Your Blog Suitable for Adsense?: Blog Tips at ProBlogger

flickrRSS plugin for WordPress // eightface
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