A Driving Alternative

They are saying that gas and food prices are going to rise dramatically over the next few years. It’s funny, because at $1.27 it already feels like gas prices have risen dramatically! I guess we’ll all have to do a little more walking in the future.

Speaking of feet, last night I received a link to Vancouver’s Mostly Lisa performing a “feet” of agility in front of a Chichen Itza Pyramid in Mexico. This morning a link from Beyond Robson led me to Parkour in Vancouver, which led me to the following video of three people running around town doing things I could only dream of being able to do. It’s well worth the watch…

I hope to see more people participating in Parkour, as it’s entertaining to watch and it looks like it’s really good for the body too!

Happy Earth Day

Sundance Channel Screenshot of Big Ideas for a Small Planet

Happy Earth Day!

I was doing a little reading on Wikipedia about Earth Day and it mentions there are two different Earth Days – April 22 and on March equinox – who knew? Learn more about ourEarth Days at Wikipedia.

As I mentioned on twitter this morning…last night I discovered a cool TV show on National Geographic’s HD channel: Big Ideas for a Small Planet. They were having a marathon of all the episodes to date, I think.

I’m not sure, but it looks like Big Ideas for a Small Planet was originally aired on Sundance Channel. It was really inspiring to see so many people working to make the world a better, more sustainable place.

Last summer I posted about William McDonough and his Cradle to Cradle Design ideas, which I think are exactly what we need. If you’ve never heard of McDonough follow the links from this article to a good video about Cradle to Cradle design.

One summer day

Jeremy golfing in sunny Palm Springs

Not quite Palm Springs weather...

All week CBC Radio’s been telling me that we’re going to have a 21 degree sunny Saturday (tomorrow). I can’t wait to feel the sunshine, as it’s been a really LONG winter this year.

I booked a tee time for tomorrow morning for Bridget and I. I hope to pick up a BBQ tonight so we can have one full summer day in the middle of April.

Don’t let me down weatherman!

WordPress 2.5, a new theme, and a new computer…

Wordpress 2.5 Write Post screen shot

It’s been a busy week. I’m getting into the spring cleaning mode – it may be directly related to the Canucks’ poor showing last night… or it may be that I’m hedging my bets with the sun gods so we can have a warm summer.

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.5. What a beautiful new interface – so clean! The upgrade process was painless. The same as usual.

I also installed a new theme today (links at the bottom of page), as I was bored of the old Kubrick theme and I thought I’d shake things up. Hopefully I’ll get a few hours soon to customize the blog once again.

This post is being written on my new computer too (I bought the parts at NCIX in Langley). I put it together on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Here are the specs:

  • 2.40GHZ Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
  • 4GB RAM 8GB – Crucial Ballistix
  • GeForce 8800GT XT 512MB
  • 1 x 150GB WD Raptor 10,000 RPM HDD
  • 2 x Western Digital SE16 500GB SATA2 7200RPM HDDs
  • 20″ Apple Cinema Display
  • 19″ Sharp LCD UltraSharp 2009W 20” Widescreen LCD
  • Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit Edition

I’m loving the new machine – it’s so fast!

So check out WordPress 2.5 – the new media uploading feature is really slick.

Update: Comments are now closed on this post, as I’ve been receiving the spammiest comments ever on this particular post.