It’s Snowing in Langley, again…

Langley Snow
Today’s accumulation of snow in the backyard of our townhouse.

Just when I thought I could start getting my golf gear ready for some early season golf – here comes the snow again. I’m not really complaining. I like the snow and snowboarding.

Cypress Mountain View - Photo by louder - Flickr UserLast Saturday we took advantage of this lovely winter weather by heading up to Cypress Mountain for a day of snowboarding. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun was out, the snow was soft, and the lineups were surprisingly short. It was my first day of riding this season and it felt great to be back on a board again. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but Flickr user “louder” posted some pics from the following day that looked pretty much the same as what we saw. We’re planning a Sun Peaks adventure sometime in the coming weeks.

So I guess I’ll leave the golf clubs packed away in the garage for another week…

View from the Dentist’s Chair

Wow! We’ve had two days of sunshine – and hasn’t it felt nice.

I had a dentist appointment this morning on the Westside. Most people don’t like going to the dentist, but I really like to visit my dentist’s office. The views from the office are amazing, he’s a great dentist, and the staff always treat me really well. It almost feels like “Cheers” without the beer. I always get a “Jer!” whenever I walk in the door.

View at the Dentist Office

View a LARGE version of this image.

As I mentioned, the view from the chair is really good. I only visit the dentist once every six months, which means I always forget to bring my camera along. Today, with the weather being so good, I remembered.

The photo above is a panorama composed of five photos. I stitched them together using Adobe Photoshop CS3’s -> Photomerge command.

Enjoy the view!

Tales from a “Mompreneur”

Amy Rogerson of ShirtseedAmy Rogerson, a good friend and client, recently started her own blog. Shirts From Seed is about being a mother and being in business. Her business is Shirtseed Bamboo and Organic Cotton T-Shirts.

Check out her blog and leave a comment or two to encourage her to get the ball rolling. She’s really passionate about all things ethical and environmental (Yay! We need more of these people in business) and has a lot to say. She’s also a pleasure to debate with.

Best of luck Amy!

Llama Golf Caddy

Llama golf caddiesWhile working I often have a TV on in the background. Today the Knowledge Network was playing in the background and a story was featured on the Working Animals show. [episode: “The Teammates”]

I golf a fair bit and this just blew me away…I’ve seen gas-powered carts, electric carts, push carts, pull-carts, caddies, and even remote control electric carts – but llamas, that’s new!

After a quick Google search I came across a golf course in North Carolina that offers Llama caddies – Talamore Golf Resort. Apparently they’re wonderful animals for caddying because of their demeanor, ability to pack weight around, and the fact that they’ve got soft pads on their feet that don’t damage the golf course.

Who knew?!