Rod Brind’Amour & Kim Black: Cystic Fibrosis in Raleigh

Rod Brind’Amour is from my hometown and is really involved in helping Cystic Fibrosis raise funds for research and treatment. I just received an email from the Campbell River Cystic Fibrosis chapter that pointed me to a video with Rod and Kim Black down in Raleigh, North Carolina. They’re at an award dinner for a doctor who’s been researching Cystic Fibrosis for over 30 years. Here’s the video.

Previous mention of Rod Brind’Amour’s involvement with Cystic Fibrosis:

Designing Cradle to Cradle

I was reading the One Red Paper Clip blog last night and came across a very inspiring video of a presentation about design, taking into account “All children, all species, for all time.” The note to readers on One Red Paperclip read:

Dear all citizens of planet Earth. I think you should watch this movie:

*You can watch the video is full-screen by clicking the rightmost icon above “VideoEgg” or you can see it at its original source.

The presenter is William McDonough (bio), an architect and designer. The message is that we need to focus on sustainability – and it appears that he’s walking the walk. His book is called “Cradle to Cradle“. From McDonough’s website:

“I believe we can accomplish great and profitable things within a new conceptual framework—one that values our legacy, honors diversity, and feeds ecosystems and societies . . . It is time for designs that are creative, abundant, prosperous, and intelligent from the start.”

I’ve been reading The Upside of Down the last few weeks, and regularly watch/read info related to the environment, business, and people. Sometimes it really feels like we’ve got our heads in the sand… This video is refreshing and made me feel hopeful that somewhere out there people are working to design a better future for all of us. Watch the presentation and share it with your friends!

Jesus Camp on DVD January 31st

Jesus Camp looks like a documentary worth watching. I saw an interview with the directors of Jesus Camp (the movie), Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, on the Gill Deacon show today. (I was flicking through the channels while eating lunch, give me a break.)

Both women were bright and engaging so I expect the film will be very well done. I won’t sum up their interview, but instead will direct you to the movie’s website. Watch the video trailers that are available – it’s quite chilling…
Jesus Camp Website Preview

All the details you ever wanted to know about the movie and controversy are available at Wikipedia.

Following is a portion of the Directors’ Statement on

During the 2004 Presidential election John Edwards’ “Two Americas” speech seemed like a rather unoriginal way to describe the growing divide in this country. But now, after having spent almost a year shuttling back and forth between the religious heartland of Missouri, and home in New York City, the “two Americas” concept has taken on an entirely new meaning.

Clearly there are two parallel Americas: and one is a conservative counterculture comprised of tens of millions of Evangelical Christians who feel engaged in a culture war with what they perceive as immorality and godless liberalism. They consume their own news and popular culture via Christian television, radio, and publications, and carefully expose their children both to a literal interpretation of the bible and a call to political activism.

*Amazon says the DVD release date is January 23rd, but I’m sure they said the 31st on Gill Deacon today.

Let me know what you thought of the movie if you’ve seen it. If you haven’t seen it, do you think you will?