Restaurant Take-Out Menus

It drives me nuts when restaurants offer take-out but don’t have menus online. Often times I’ll be told that they’ve got a menu in the Yellow Pages or the CanPages – but I don’t keep directories lying around.

So, here’s my offer to solve the problem for me, locally. If you’re a Campbell River restaurant owner who offers take-out but don’t have a menu online, please send me your menu as a Word document or a PDF and I will make it available online for you, for free.

You can email me at

Another Great Palm Springs Getaway!

This was originally written in December 2008, but I forgot to post it, so here it is…Palm Springs…

I just spent the last three weeks in Palm Springs, California. I’ve been fortunate enough to get down there at least once a winter for the last four years. My parents and their friends have been spending 6-8 weeks in Palm Springs every winter for the last 8 years and I love getting a chance to golf and unwind with them in the winter. It’s amazing how quickly the years go by and how few chances we get to spend quality time with our parents. You get to see them for a weekend here and some time over Christmas, but usually you’re so busy trying to unwind from work that you don’t get those lazy Sunday afternoons with them that you had as a kid. The Palm Springs trips do that for me – they give me lazy time with friends and family, which is very precious.

I love the sunshine too – and Palm Springs gets an average of 354 days of sunshine per year (Wikipedia – Palm Springs).

On this trip, I drove down to Palm Springs in early November and Bridget flew out two days after I arrived. I overnighted in Portland, at my uncle’s house, and Lodi, CA, at the Best Western, on the way down there. Drive time was somewhere between 20-23 hours. I loaded up my iPhone with 40 hours of podcasts about tech, politics, and the environment so I could listen to ideas for the whole drive. I really like alone time behind the wheel listening to smart people talking about interesting subjects…time really flies for me in those situations.

Bridget and I spent our first two nights in Palm Springs at The Chase Hotel. It’s a great little hotel right off the main strip in Palm Springs. Here’s the description from their website:

The Chase Hotel in Palm Springs was built in the late ’40s and to this day, its classic midcentury modern design creates the perfect atmosphere for a casual and leisurely desert retreat.

Although The Chase gives the feeling of delightful seclusion, it is in the heart of the downtown Palm Springs village only one short block from famed Palm Canyon Drive where you will find Palm Springs’ best shops, restaurants, theaters and nightlife.

Relax in our spacious, sunny rooms, complete with kitchenettes. Bask in our heated saline pool while taking in our lush, tropical landscape, complete with stately palms and majestic mountain views.

The guests at The Chase were friendly and the staff was very helpful. There were always fresh chocolate chip cookies at the front desk and a complimentary breakfast is provided. Their Wifi is very quick and reliable and the pool area felt like I was at a 1950’s tropical getaway. The rooms are very large – ours even had a small kitchen attached to it – and well appointed. It was great! We’ll definitely be back.

After two nights at the hotel, we moved in to a time-share condo with Bridget’s parents in a two-bedroom condo at Desert Vacation Villas. My parents and their friends were staying at Desert Vacation Villas too, just down the stairs and across the courtyard. This was my third time staying at Desert Vacation Villas, and for a time-share it’s got everything you need. It’s close to downtown Palm Springs, there’s a convenience store two-minutes away for morning coffee and newspapers. The condos are large and comfortable with two TVs, DVD players… But the best part about Desert Vacation Villas is it’s pool and hot tub. It’s a really comfortable atmosphere with most people staying for at least a week at a time…so you have the opportunity to get to know your neighbours near the bbqs, hot tub, and on the pool deck.

So what did we do for 3 weeks in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs Golf
Bridget and I golfed pretty much every other day while we were down there. Her dad, my dad, my uncle and her aunt and uncle were all down there and all golf – so there was never a shortage of golf buddies. We managed to golf for between $34-$79 most days, which always included a golf cart and often included breakfast, breakfast and lunch, or a couple of beer in the price. We played at a number of courses, including:

If you’re heading down to Palm Springs for golf, sign-up to the Tahquitz Creek E-Club for weekly email deals sent to your email account. They have some really great deals there and the courses are very nice. Indian Canyons is my favorite course that I’ve played in Palm Springs – the golf course is great and the views are magnificent!

An Exciting Last Night
On Bridget’s last night in Palm Springs we got engaged at a family bbq. We’re both really excited about getting married next summer and we’ll figure out the plans before the end of December. Stay tuned.

One More Week
After Bridget headed home to go back to work, I stayed on for another week of golf and sunshine. And the weather was unbelievable, as it had been for the rest of the trip. Daily highs in the 30s/90s and lows in the mid-teens/70s was perfect. The holiday was relatively wind-free too, which makes the golf more fun.

Heading Home
I left Palm Springs for Vancouver midday on Monday and arrived in Vancouver late Tuesday night. I overnighted at the Microtel in Lodi, CA on the way home. Once again, I’d loaded up the iPhone with lots of new podcasts for the drive.

I just want to thank Leo Laporte for TWIT, and the CBC for putting together such great podcasts, particularly Search Engine, Spark & The Vinyl Cafe for the drive home. I listened to so many hours of both TWIT and CBC podcasts that I almost feel like these podcasters are friends. So thanks for keeping me entertained, interested, and awake for my two 20 hour drives.

Introducing the SEO Quickfix Ebook


A friend, and colleague, of mine, Aidan Henry has written a great SEO ebook called SEO Quick Fix.

He gave me a copy to review at Northern Voice 2009 and my life has been so crazy lately that I hadn’t gotten the time to share it with you.

If you don’t know a lot about SEO this book will be a godsend. If you are well-versed in SEO it’s a great reminder of best practices and I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or too. It’s definitely $25 well spent!

Go Canucks!

I’ve been crazy busy lately and haven’t had much time to blog. I’ve even been away from Twitter a bit recently (@jeremylatham).

I do want to wish the Vancouver Canucks the best of luck in the 2009 NHL Playoffs and hope to be able to celebrate a long playoff run!

Go Canucks!!!!!!